Painting Eyes (Animal)

submitted by Dan Cope "DannoDaMan"

When I first saw the Lion Plaque sculpted by Norm Piatt, I knew that the eyes would be the main focus of the piece. To begin, basecoat the eye in Comart opaque white. Taking the airbrush, shade in all around the outer eye in Golden transparent shading gray. Next take Delta Ceramcoat Golden Brown and create a base tone for the iris. Now take your Citadel Brown Ink and with a tiny 10/0 brush, outline
 the iris and begin drawing lines in towards the center of the iris. Now take a Testor SOL Yellow and starting with the center of the iris, brush out the yellow towards the outer part of the eye (leaving some golden brown and
brown ink to show throw in bit and parts)and ending the yellow at about 50% in from the outer iris. Now take Tamiya Clear Orange and
work it around the outer most part of the iris then Tamiya Clear Yellow and coat
the inner part of the iris. Going back to transparent gray, paint in the area around the iris. Coat the entire eye in transparent yellow. Now a take an old piece of rubber coated wire and dip it into some gloss black
and create a pupil. Finally, for a nice wet look, coat the entire eye in Testors Clear Gloss Top Coat and there you have it...instant eyes