How to paint a model in black and white

submitted by Jeff Camp aka "Camper"

Greyscale - I use Folk-Art paints right out of the squeeze bottles. Get a
group of about 5 colors. The trick with painting grey scale is getting
all your greys in the same family. I use Neutral or Cool greys.

5 Colors =
Pure Black
White Wash
Charcoal Gray
Gray Sky
Slate Gray (I think this one is a Americana Brand)

I sometimes mix a little of the colors to get the in between shades.

Steps =

• Base coat flesh tones with Gray Sky
• Mix in a little Charcoal Gray with the Gray Sky and work the shadow areas
• Deepen the shadow areas even more with the charcoal grey.
• Deepen and blend transitions with chalk pastels - grey/black
• Go a little darker with the shadow areas then you actually want because
   the next step will subdue them a little.
• Once I get all the flesh tones done - I take the Slate Gray watered down
   and mist the flesh tones from like a foot away. This will kick the shadows back
   a little and help tie all the colours together.
• Seal with dull coat
• Go back with a little of the pastels to punch the shadows a little.

Of course the colors and darkness’s depend on the character you’re working on.

They need to be CHALK Pastels. NOT Oil Pastels. As far as brand name…
whatever you can get your hands on. I use a cheap set I picked up at Michaels crafts. Just run a dry brush along the length of the pastel stick. Blow off any big clumps. Then lightly dab the brush into the recess areas. Feather out from the shadows to the highlights. Be sure to build up the color slowly. Once you have the look you like, seal with dull coat.