Photography Tips

submitted by Jeff Camp "Camper"

• Play with your lighting. Move the light source
further away so you don’t get hot spots.

• If you aren’t using a tripod, get one! It will make
a world of difference. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive
one either. I got mine a couple of years ago when I bought
a video camera. Just make sure you get one, with clips
on the legs for adjusting the height, rather than the twist
leg ones.

• For a greater depth of field, shot with higher ”f“ stops.
Cameras usually focus on the part of the subject that is
closest to the camera, and the rest gradually goes a little
out of focus the further it is away. With the higher ”f“ stops
more will stay in focus. I usually shot with mine on 6.3
or 7.

• Wide Angle & Telephoto - ALWAYS keep the lens closer
to the Telephoto setting! Just move back from the subject,
verses zooming out. The closer you get to the Wide Angle
setting on the lens, the more distorted the photo will be.

• I never just shot one pic for each angle. I shot at least
three at different light settings. Then later I can decide
between the three, which will work the best. Plus it’s really
hard to tell on those little view finder screens on the