Photography Tips
Macro Lenses Lenses V. Filters

submitted by Warren Brown "Harlequin"

Just a thought for all of those who like to take decent shots of their dioramas / builds / sculpts.
   A lot of close up or small scale ("macro" photography) is achieved with specialised lenses, designed for that purpose. These Macro lenses can cost from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand bucks. They give great results, but much as I love to take a great shot, that's a bit too much for me.
   However, there are a few filter manufacturers who make what are called Close-Up lenses. These are simply a specially crafted magnifying lens, designed to screw in to the lens of your camera. Sometimes they are sold in sets so you can combine them (to get REALLY close shots) but you can buy these from about $30-00 and up. You won't get exactly the same result as a Macro lens, but if you focus carefully, it should still be pretty close.
   They come in different sizes and strengths, make sure you ask your local camera shop for a more advice as to the best ones.