Painting / Scale / Accuracy

Scale Model Calculator Simple calculator for determining scale and/or size.
LMO's Movie Gun Gallery Guns used in popular movies.
Kit Painter's Color Reference Guide for eye, hair and costume colors 1919-1948
Marvel Comics Reference Marvel Comics character handbook
DC / Marvel Character Reference DC and Marvel Comics character reference
Japanese Monster Reference Godzilla and many more reference pics

Sculpting References

The Sculpture Underground A Sculptor's Resource

Sculpting Supplies

The following are not endorsements by the Clubhouse, but, a list of suppliers submitted by members.

Sculpture House:

Aves Apoxie Sculpt:


Super Sculpey: (also carried by Michael's Craft Stores)

Compleat Sculptor:

Casting Resin:

Cating Resin & rubbers:


Sculpting Tools and Aids: