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G-Fest XX show report

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G-Fest XX show report

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This may have been the best year ever for the modeling programming at G-Fest. Modeler's, most of whom are Clubhouse members made it happen!

The modeling component of G-Fest was fortuitously "bumped" out of the lower level of the hotel into the Balmoral Ballroom. That is a much, much nicer area far closer to the rest of the action of the G-Fest convention. My understanding is that the modeling programming and contest will remain in that area for future G-Fests.

First off, the new Make and Take featuring a vinyl Godzilla kit was a truly a huge success. There were fifty figures available and they sold out within minutes. For ten bucks participants got the figure with paints and brushes and yes, even rags made available. Participants were taught modeling skills by a dream team of exceptionally skilled (you know, the one's that win year after year :wink: ), friendly instructors. A very special thanks to Kaiju Modeler for the vision and dedication to enable this event to take place. I would say there were at least fifty people now into modeling that would not have been if this event hadn't occurred.

Special guest Cleve Hall talked about his own modeling (he knows just about everything regarding GK's) and showed pictures of his projects including Godzillas, Gargantuas and Baragons. He also served as one of the judges for the contest.

While there was not a record breaking number of entries, the ones there were top notch kaiju. John Legrand brought a dazzling number of entries including his extraordinary Gamera figure. John Brindley showed his tremendous range of skills with both humorous and scary serious entries. Mike Wallace displayed the War of the Kaiju which is a total inspiration. Raydrz treated attendees to a virtual Lovecraft museum with his entries. There was a very cool Majin diorama entered by a junior (ok, I'm biased) that was very impressive.

I don't want to leave anyone out, and I strongly encourage others to supplement this report with their own observations and pictures.

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