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#1 Post by timetraveler »

Had a fantastic time at G-Fest this year, as always. In a convention overflowing with talented, dedicated attendees, I declare that the modeler delegation is second to none!

Thanks to Stan and John for coordinating the contest and modeling thread. The sculpting demo from Hobby Japan alumnis Hiroshi Sagae was phenomenal. The Resin Chef himself Bill Gudmunson gave a master class in how to create a kit from design, sculpt and production. Not to be missed.

Kaiju Modeler is the heart and soul of this specialized field of modeling. Outstanding modelers in their own right, they have a vendors table that cannot be missed no matter which event they attend. Thank you so much for your generous support and encouragement of kaiju modelers.

Always a pleasure to see George and Blackheart models. Those Godzilla busts are awesome!

A gracious bow to the modeling contestants. Legrandzilla with what, 20+ entries, all of them breathtakingly beautiful. As an attendee, I thank you for going to the effort to transport all of those delicate treasures to the event. You are a one man clinic in how to model. Also in attendance was Mr. John B. who is an enormously skillful modeling artist who goes out of his way to share tips on technique. His talent is equaled only by his humility. He is unquestionably the "goodwill ambassador" of kaiju modeling.

Then there is Raydrz. Mr. Kaijumodel Encyclopedia. He really does know everything about the subject and he is a blast to talk with. What a great guy and super modeler! (p.s. excellent work on those entries especially the JW Mosasaur).

Allround great event.

:D Can't wait till next year! :D

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Re: G-Fest XXIII

#2 Post by raydrz »

thank you, larry :oops:

nice summary of one of my favorite weekends every year (except 2015, my only no-show in over a decade)...
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