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Absorbing Man

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Absorbing Man Bust
Modified Base

Produced by: Koma Designs / Resin Realities
Sculpted by: Shawn Nagle
Scale/Size: 1:5
Medium: Cold Cast Porcelain
Modeler: Mark McGovern
*Modeler's Note: I was assigned this kit by Fred DeRuvo for an article in MODELERS RESOURCE #52; it also appeared in his book, FROM GRAVES TO CAVES. Fred wanted an elaborate diorama for the figure so I arranged it to be breaking through a prison door and wall. The door was made from several layers of sheet styrene, with lost & LOTS of pin-head rivets added. The wall was made from my go-to materials, Styrofoam covered with Celluclay. The floor was a piece of foam-core board textured with Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. I pioneered the use of steel wool to create the figure's body hair.
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Mark McGovern
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