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Werewolf of London

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Werewolf of London bust
1935 Horror film starring Henry Hull as the werewolf.
Produced by: Geometric Designs
Sculpted by: Mike Hill
Scale/Size: 1:4
Medium: Resin
Modeler: Edison Goncalves "sktch4fn"
*NOTE: Jack Pierce's original werewolf design for Henry Hull was identical to the one used later for Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Wolf Man, but it was rejected in favor of a minimalist approach that was less obscuring to facial expressions. Although it has often been reported that this was because Hull was unwilling to spend hours having makeup applied, or because he didn't want his face obscured because of vanity, the real reason, according to Hull's great-nephew Cortlandt Hull, who heard it from Hull himself, is that Hull—who was an accomplished makeup artist in his own right—argued that, according to the script, the werewolf had to be instantly recognizable to the other characters as Dr. Glendon. This would not have been possible under the more extreme makeup. Pierce resisted the change, so Hull went over Pierce's head to the studio head, Carl Laemmle, who approved, much to Pierce's annoyance.
The werewolf's howl was an audio blend of Hull and a recording of an actual timber wolf, an approach which was never duplicated in any subsequent werewolf film.] Also, at the beginning of the film, the supposed "Tibetan" spoken by villagers in the movie is actually Cantonese; Henry Hull is otherwise just muttering gibberish in his responses to them.

Edison Goncalves "sktch4fn"
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