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OrangeCon IPMS OC, CA - Sat. Oct 2, 2021

Posted: August 30th, 2021, 4:43 pm
by mjbare
OrangeCon, the Orange County, CA IPMS Model Contest and Vendor Fair will be held on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021. It'll be held at the Hotel Anaheim, 1500 South Raymond, Fullerton, CA where Raymond meets the 91 Freeway. $5 for general admission. Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Masks and crowd size procedures may be in effect.

Several vendors including myself will be there. I have mostly garage kits from my stash that will be for sale.

PM me to see if I may be bringing a kit you'd want. This way you'd save on postage and PayPal fees. Cash only.