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Rest in Peace Darren Rix ( papalazaroo )

A place to remember members who have passed.

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Rest in Peace Darren Rix ( papalazaroo )

#1 Post by deanot99 »

Hello everyone just wanted to share that Darren Rix has lost his battle with illness and is sadly no longer with us. He played a huge part in my collecting when I was in the UK and helped me get many models and grails. He would have a table at most UK collectible shows showcasing his many models he had built and painted many of which I would purchase. We spent countless hours talking about models which was sadly missed since I came to Canada as he continued to battle his illness. He will be sadly missed to those that remember Daz.


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Re: Rest in Peace Darren Rix ( papalazaroo )

#2 Post by Tim Fortuna »

Really sorry to hear that Dean. Sounds like an awesome guy.
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