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Moebius Dr. Jeyll..... Review.

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Moebius Dr. Jeyll..... Review.

#1 Post by Glusniffer »

Scored one of these for my B/W collection. 2020 date on the instruction sheet with the old long box Bama art.
This is my 3rd go on this one. My 1st was when I was a kid and don't remember much about it. My 2nd was in 2004 on e-bay with the Glow box which was pre-assembled so I did what I could with it.
When it finally re-released I didn't give it much thought. But this one is like the immaculate styrene kit! Ive never seen a kit that fit together so well with so little flash and disappearing seams. I guess it was re-tooled somewhere along the line? :? Anyhoos this is a real pleasure to build and add to my new collection! Kudos to all involved! 8)
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