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intro and seeking info re: dino build-up and paint

Focused on all the big critters. Dinosaurs and KAIJU!
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intro and seeking info re: dino build-up and paint

#1 Post by brettnj »


I've long collected Japanese (primarily Kaiyodo) gashapon (modern and prehistoric) animal figures but am completely new to this forum and to resin models in general.

I am considering one large dino as a centerpiece for a room and am most interested in Sean Cooper's Argentinosaurus or, even more so due to its size, the Shane Foulkes apatosaurus. But I am daunted at the prospect of finding the appropriate artist to do the build-up and paint. As a side note I am also considering the upcoming David Krentz triceratops though as much as I love the figure, I feel a big sauropod would best suit my intention.

Martin Garratt was recommended but I was then told that he can't do the latter due to its size/shipping to the US.

I was told Shane Foulkes no longer does finishing for customers. And that whoever might do the work will have to ship it in sections requiring me to have to glue the pieces together leaving the seams visible (I have no finishing skills whatsoever). As much as this one is my first choice, if this is the case (unless I could find someone local(?)), it would likely put an end to it as an option.

And while I was given one other name, I could not find examples of his work.

I don't know other artists and don't have contact information for anyone nor any idea how to obtain it. I am not on Facebook, btw.

If this, as I imagine, is already well-discussed/covered here, I would be happy with links to existing threads. I've searched and found bits and pieces but nothing dedicated to the exact topic.

Finally, and I hesitate to say this but don't want to waste anyone's time and effort, I am only looking for absolute top quality artists. This will be an enormous once in a lifetime expense and extravagance for me and I definitely know what I want.

Also, for whatever it might mean here, for the past seven years, I, along with several partners in Tokyo, have been sourcing Japanese figures (and models--Kaiyodo, Shinzen, etc.) for over 100 international buyers, offering the best prices outside of that country. Feedback can be found at the DTF/Dinosaur Toy Forum (same ID) or feel free to PM if anyone has any interest or questions.

I live in New Jersey (about half an hour outside New York City) and, simply as a point of interest, photograph wildlife throughout the state.
https://flickr.com/photos/brettklaproth ... hotography

Thank you very much for any consideration.

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