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Aurora Box Art Tribute

a2.jpg Aurora Box Art TributeThumbnailsAurora Box Art TributeAurora Box Art TributeThumbnailsAurora Box Art Tribute

Jekyll And Hyde Aurora Box Art Tribute
with scratch built base

based on the James Bama artwork of the original 1963 Aurora kit
Produced by: Monsters in Motion
Sculpted by: Jeff Yagher
Scale/Size: 1:6
Medium: Resin
Modeler: Tim Casey
*Modeler's Note: The wall is built of basswood with scale model basswood trim. I also used
basswood trim and scrap pieces to built the window. I used some recycled hard plastic
packaging for the glass, cutting a piece to cover the rear of the window. I cut jagged holes in it
for each broken pane, and then sprayed it with dullcote to dirty it up and give it some contrast.
I then took a piece of canvas and spray-painted it black a few times. I used a pencil to draw
rain on it, using a small carpenter's square so that all the drops would be parallel. After that,
I painted some of the rain silver. I glued it to the back of the window and it looked great !
I also replaced the opaque flask in his hand with a clear one. That felt like major surgery!

Tim Casey