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Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde
A re-production of the Aurora 1964 kit
Produced by: Moebius 2007
Sculpted by: Adam “Larry” Ehling for Aurora
Scale/Size: 1:8
Medium: Styrene Plastic & replacement resin parts
Modeler: Richard Fuscia "fusciart"
*NOTE: This kit has been modified
with a replacement parts from COPP

*In Memoriam: Anyone that needed to replace or modify a styrene kit with a different head or totally different character knew Tom Parker. Tom, the owner of COPP, was known on every modeling board on the internet and at most East Coast Shows. Many spent long hours on the phone with Tom talking about his love of models and monsters. He passed away suddenly, at age 55, in August of 2017. Known in the
Clubhouse as "Cult of Personality" Tom was our friend and will be missed immensely.

Here's a link to COPP

Richard Fuscia "fusciart"
Posted on
Monday 7 May 2018