Here you will find a list of articles submitted or written by members of the Clubhouse
to assist you in painting model kits.

Airbrush for Beginners by Cal Everett
Airbrush Maintenance by Model Citizen
Airbrush Tips by Jason C. Gares
Airbrush Survey by Terry Miesle
Mixing Paint for Airbrushes by Model Citizen
Painting Techniques by Dan Cope
Chalk Pastels by Randy Starcher
Painting Animal Eyes by Dan Cope
Painting in Black & White by Jeff Camp
Future Floor Wax for Gloss and more
Painting A Wood Effect by Ron Sherwood
Unusual Skin & Veining by Cal Everet
Antiquing Gel by Trevor Ylisaari
EZ Skin (Painting Skin) by Model Citizen
Painting Fire
Painting Rust (Rust All Highly Recommended by Club Members)

Various Tips

Excellent Article on Different Stripping Products